"This was a most enterprising all-Karg-Elert programme on the 151-rank Aeolian-Skinner organ at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, recently restored by Quimby Pipe Organs, Inc. In Dick Webb's skilled hands, this historic instrument demonstrated ideally the wide variety of styles comprising Karg-Elert's compositions, while avoiding the obvious. A most appreciative audience heard some important later works, such as Legend, Voices of the Night and Preambulo from Music for Organ..
Anthony Caldicott
Karg-Elert Newsletter
International Newsletter of the Karg-Elert Archive
Issue 75 - January, 2014

"In a balanced, well-constructed program, Dr. Webb delighted the audience with technically brilliant, musically satisfying performances of a wide variety of organ works. A clear aesthetic vision and confident command of both technical and musical demands were evident throughout.His program was a clear indication of his
stature both as an artist and educator. The recital he offered was beautifully performed and both the instrument and the audience were very well served
by this significant American organist."

Roy Stewart,
Piccolo Spoleto Festival
L'Organo Website

"The performance of the music of Karg-Elert by Dr. Richard Webb was inspirational. The lecture was excellent and the master class one of the best
I have seen."

Rollins College/Central Florida AGO Chapter Romantic Organ Music Conference

"Particularly outstanding...Richard Webb's virtuoso bash in Julius Reubke's Wagnerian Sonata, the great organ masterpiece of the 19th century for my ear."

San Francisco Chronicle


"...elevated the marriage of organ and brass to high art."

San Francisco Chronicle

"Master organist Richard Webb ran the gamut, musically speaking, from the Baroque to the present day. The fact that he is a noted and devoted educator comes through clearly in his programing ...featuring high-quality performances vastly different from each other in style and scope."

The Pacific Grove Monarch

"His programs are a treat for people who wish to hear the gamut of the organ's effects. More important, however, is his ability to interpret so correctly and compellingly the organ literature from many periods of musical history. Webb's love of music and of performance clearly impress the listener."

Kingsport Times-News

"In a magnificent evening of musician's music (all-Bach)...a musician foremost."

Bristol Herald-Courier

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